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4 Myths About Dentures You Probably Didn’t Know

4 Myths About Dentures You Probably Didn’t Know

Dentures have been the butt of a few jokes throughout the years. From the grandmother’s teeth falling out while blowing out the candles on her birthday cake video to the famous don’t go skydiving with dentures video. But, false teeth have come a long way.

Here are a few myths revolving around them that you probably didn’t know:

They Look Fake

As long as you are getting them done by professionals with years of experience, like the Technicians and the Denturists at Holt Dentures, then you’ll have no issues with your new teeth looking like your originals. Here’s a picture of one of our patients’ original teeth and his new teeth.

Can you tell which ones are his original teeth?

They Are Hard To Talk With

Getting used to your new teeth is somewhat like breaking in new shoes. It can take time. However, over a few days (or sometimes even weeks), you will become comfortable enough to talk freely again without sounding like you have a lisp.

If They Break, They Can’t Be Fixed

This is completely wrong. Close to, if not 100% of dentures, CAN be fixed. Not only that, but at Holt Dentures, we have same day repairs and they can usually be fixed within an hour.

Dental Work Is Expensive

Dental work can be pretty pricey. But at Holt Dentures, we are committed to helping a patient get the best dental care in an affordable manner. With direct billing and finance options available, you know longer have the excuse not to have a healthy smile again.

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