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Are Dentures Covered For Seniors In Alberta

Are Dentures Covered For Seniors In Alberta

Yes, The government of Alberta covers $5000 every 5 years under the Seniors Dental and Optical Assistance Program. Those that earn over a certain threshold are not covered under this program, although denture clinics in Calgary are able to direct bill to other insurance you may have.

Eligibility For Senior Program

Alberta Government Senior Dental Program Eligibility

Basic dental services covered under this program include:

  • Dentures (full and partial dentures)
  • Examinations and x-rays
  • Preventive services
  • Restorative services
  • Extractions
  • Root canals
  • Procedures relating to gum disease

Basic dental is covered by the program. This covers $5000 every 5 years for all mentioned.

When Are You Covered?

65 years old is when the program kicks in, you must be a citizen or landed immigrant to apply for the program and have been living in Alberta for 3 months before being able to apply.

How Much Do You Pay?

Here at Holt Dentures, we do not charge over the amount covered by the Alberta Seniors program (if you have 100% coverage) meaning if you are covered 100%, your dentures will be fully covered and, thus essentially no additional cost to you.

How To Apply For Seniors

To apply for the seniors dental and optical assistance program the first step is to apply for the Seniors Finacial Assistance Program. Then we can submit a claim from our office.

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    • Hello Bev, The coverage for dental is $5000 every 5 years with the seniors program. For dentures in particular, it depends on how much coverage you have for dentures, which depends on how much each person earns respectively.

  1. Beverley johansen

    It is not true they said that I had 5000 for 5 years so I had a parochial dentures done but still had to pay out of pocket that is not far now I have to get a full set of dentures and cannot afford it what is the right way to go about this I certainly cannot afford this

    • Hi Bev, Sorry for the late reply. Are you in Calgary by chance? If you would like to book an appointment with us we can certainly go over a few options with you and hopefully resolve your issue. Please give us a call on 587-352-6845.

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