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Blog #1 (information Coffee Mornings)

Our Information Coffee Mornings are about having a conversation with our Seniors Citizens, about the importance of Dentures, and how easy they can be with the services we offer. We come to a retirement home with coffee and snacks in hand, serve coffee, and put on a PowerPoint presentation presented by one of our Denturists. After, we have a prize draw for a couple of the attendees. It’s a great way to be a part of the community and get to know our senior citizens.


The last one we did was at AgeCare Midnapore, A lovely Retirement home in the southeast of Calgary. Arriving at 930am we set up our PowerPoint, our new banners, had Timmies coffee, snacks and our prize draws. First we served coffee and donuts to the residents and had a chance to have a little chat and get to know them. Then our Denturist put on an interactive PowerPoint, about the Importance of dentures. She talked about the different types of dentures we make in our lab, by our skilled Dental Technicians. And also talked about how we offer home visits, the home visit topic was really well received by some of the residence, they told us how traveling can be hard for them and sometimes takes a whole day. plus sometimes can take up to 4-5 visits, so it was a plus for them that we offer home visits.


After the PowerPoint and the question portion of the presentation was over, we got the attendees to write their names on a slip of paper. For this prize draw we had: A Throw Blanket, Flameless Candles, A Canvas Bag and some Holt Denture merchandise (Denture cleaner, Denture box and Denture brush) The first name that we draw gets the first pick of the prizes, so naturally, the first resident drawn went for the throw blanket. Followed by Flameless Candles, Canvas bags and The Holt Denture merchandise coming in last place… Still not bad for a last place prize.


It was a great experience, meeting some of Calgary’s senior citizens and the people that care for them, and we are looking forward to seeing them all again.


-Holt Dentures.

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