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Consultations – What To Expect During Your First Visit.

Consultations – What To Expect During Your First Visit.

We offer a free consultation to patients ready to start their new journey with dentures. Dental work can seem like a grueling process, but with a little information, and after ‘biting the bullet’ and visiting your local denture clinic… you’ll soon realize it isn’t as tiring as it seems. Every patient is different with all sorts of needs. Consultations are a good way for us to meet you and for you to meet the team, as well as seeing what the best treatment plan is for you.

Booking An Appointment

Call Us:

Our phones are always answered. If you have an emergency denture repair or something similar we can get you booked in as soon as possible. Never hesitate to give us a call past our business hours.

Book online:

Our book online service makes things easier for everyone, you can fill out your patient information sheet and confirm an appointment time online without having to pick up a pen or talk with anyone.


We have many dentist partners we work with for extractions etc. You can request to be sent to us for your denture care needs or they can refer you to us. This enables us to cover all of your oral health needs.


Due to covid-19, we are unable to take walk-ins at this time. We are following the protocols set by the respective government and dental colleges. Usually, we would love to have you, but during these pressing times and remaining at the suggested capacity, so we are currently staggering our appointments. Book an appointment first and we would love to have you.


Covid-19 Forms:

Due to the coronavirus, every visit starts with a covid-19 form to fill out as well as a temperature check.

Patient Information Sheet:

This Form is set by the Denturist College of Alberta for our denturist to get the general information needed for our file. This Sheet can be filled out *online* or in the office.

Your Treatment Plan

We have a couple of op rooms with comfy dental chairs with TVs; usually, with funny animal videos playing. Then our denturist will go over some options with you. Whether you need conventional dentures, or partial dentures, metal or acrylic if you still have some natural teeth or if some teeth removed for a complete denture.

If Dental implants are the route you would like to go. A visit to your dentist will be another step. As previously mentioned we have plenty of partners in dentistry and you can choose the best dentist for you.

Bring a copy of your insurance so we can check how much you are eligible for. Depending on your insurance provider you could be covered to up to 100% if you do decide to go forward a deposit is then made and we can go forth with the impressions on the same day.

Repairs And Relines

For denture relines and repairs book an appointment with us and drop them off and they will be done within the hour or leave them with us overnight and pick them up in the morning. Due to the pandemic, we aren’t able to allow anyone to wait in the waiting room. Hopefully denture repairs while you wait will be back soon.

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