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Copy Dentures

Copy Dentures

We hear it all the time: “I’ve had this set for 40 years and I’ve had no problems” or “I’m afraid I won’t like my new set”. There are numerous problems people run into with their old dentures… Over time your removable prosthetic can become brittle and break, or – depending on the type- become porous letting bacteria grow and in-turn, your dentures may feel grimy or have some decolourization occurring paired of years of denture adhesive use. Here are a couple of different ways to get a new set, and still have them feel and look like your beloved smile…

Picture Reference.

If you bring in a picture from when you had your natural teeth, our denturist and technicians are able to reference the picture while your appliance is in the “setting up’ stage, However- the surface of the denture will be determined by the impression we take of your mouth.

How it works: While setting up your teeth with wax, our denturist or technicians will be able to reference a picture of you in order to match the colour, spacing, and bite of your natural teeth. Then we polish the wax for the try-in stage… During the try-in stage, you are able to change anything you don’t like about the fit, colour, spacing, etc. When you are happy with the way they look we can go ahead a process the complete denture.

Works With:

  • Metal Framework.
  • Implant-supported.
  • Full dentures.
  • Partial dentures.

In Denture Impressions

Having an impression taken in your current denture makes it easier for someone who- 1: Doesn’t like getting traditional impressions and 2: best for making the fit close if not exactly like your current set.

How It Works: High-quality impression material is loaded into the underside of your denture and placed in back in your mouth until the impression material is set, imprinting the tissue side of your mouth. Then we make a model of that impression using Plaster Paris and begin to fabricate the apparatus around the model.

Works With:

  • Implant-supported.
  • Full Dentures

Custom Tray

While our impression trays are great for getting a precise measurement and mold of your mouth, sometimes people need a tray that is custom made for their mouth. This ensures a more precise impression.

How it works: Firstly we take an impression of your mouth using a stock tray, then we pour a mold made of plaster of your mouth and fabricate a new light-cured tray around the model of your mouth with a 2-3mm space to accommodate the impression material.