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Denturist Answers Reddit r/dentures Questions.

Denturist Answers Reddit r/dentures Questions.

Reddit is a great website to find all sorts of information on the topics you’re interested in. With millions of subreddits on the site, we looked through r/dentures and searched for some questions you may have never thought of before. This is a new series on our blog to help with difficult questions from real people.

Questions And Answers:

Will dentures work with a small mouth?

The short answer is yes, absolutely all shapes and sizes. It comes down to the impression of your mouth. There are all types of sizes when it comes to impression trays. After this initial impression is taken we can then get a close mold of the mouth. From there we fabricate a custom tray that is molded around the model from your mouth… fitting your mouth better and in turn making an overall better impression.

Cheap vs Expensive Dentures?

Here at Holt Dentures, we treat every patient case the same. Artificial teeth can vary in price depending on how high quality they are, but that is completely your prerogative while choosing your teeth during your free consultation.

It also comes down to the type of denture; conventional dentures are less expensive than, say, denture implants due to all the surgical work. although dental implants are probably the best route when it comes to durability and overall natural feel, not everyone is the best candidate for them.

Any Tips Before You Buy A New Upper Plate / Denture?

it all depends where your oral health is at the time. If you still have your natural teeth, if you need some extractions or are ready for complete dentures or partial… We would say the best advice is to go to your denturist for a consultation and from there we can decide what is the best treatment plan going forward.

Any Recommendations On How To Stop The Whistling While Speaking?

This could mean a number of things. Either the surface of the denture is not thick enough on the roof of your mouth, or your teeth are set too forward, or a mixture of both. We would recommend going back to your denture clinic to fix this issue. This is not something that should be happening and your denturist should honor this.

Dentures And Mouthwash?

We recommend reading our blog on How To Clean Your Dentures. There are some great denture cleansers on the market these days and even a soaking solution for an overnight soak. But if you insist we would recommend a mouthwash without alcohol to avoid discolouration.

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