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Does It Hurt To Get Dentures?

Does It Hurt To Get Dentures?

Most people are scared to get dental work done. The main hesitation people have is the fact that pain may be involved in the work they are getting. Yes, this may be true with some dental work but dentures themselves typically have little to no pain involved. The pain you may experience on your denture journey is related to extractions, surgically inserted dental implants, and you made have some sore spots when you get new dentures, of course, all of which are temporary.

Denture Implants

Since dental implants require surgically implanted “implants” there may be some pain involved. The dentist will numb your mouth before the operation, therefore only a slight pinching feeling when the novocaine is injected. Then the surgical dentist will make an incision into the gum, exposing the bone. A cavity is then drilled into the bone and the implants are cemented in place of the hole.

The pain and swelling experienced afterward can be subsided with painkillers either over the counter or prescription. The doctor should give you information on how to take care of yourself after the fact. When Inserting your dentures there should be little to no pain but adjustments maybe need to be made if you experience any discomfort while chewing.

Immediate Dentures

Again, the pain experienced will be on the surgical side. On E-day (extraction day) the dentist will numb the mouth with an injection of novocaine, consequently, nothing but a dull pulling and pushing feeling will occur. After the teeth are removed an immediate denture will be inserted which may take some getting used to with some pinching and rubbing against the healing gums.

But your denture clinic should be with you every step of the way. Aftercare is an integral part of getting a set of dentures so never hesitate to book appointments if you feel any discomfort. Relines will also be a part of this journey as your mouth heals and swelling reduces gaps will form between the gums and the surface of the appliance, A denture reline will correct these gaps.

Conventional Dentures And Partial Dentures

If you are replacing your old appliance with a new set typically the only discomfort experienced by most people is the impression. Impressions wouldn’t be something you’d choose to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon, but after the impressions and the appliance is fabricated – with a few other appointments in between for bites and try-ins – there should be little to no pain involved.

After you receive your new set after-care is included, so if any pain is felt with the new set book an appointment for an adjustment to ease an area giving some discomfort.

So, are dentures painful?

It all depends on you and your treatment plan, and obviously an individual’s pain tolerance. There is nothing that can’t be adjusted and fixed or replaced. So there is lots to gain from your journey with your new set of dentures. is getting dentures painful?

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