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How Much Should Dentures Cost?

Typically they vary in cost due to many different types, how many teeth are required, and what material they’re made from. This price variation does not include extractions or surgery because this is generally done out of the clinic at your dentist.

What Materials Are Used In Dentures?

Conventional dentures are made from acrylic resin that is usually heat-cured. However, there are types of partial dentures made from plaque-resistant, nickel-free, chrome cobalt metal. Which is lightweight and very sturdy. There are also partials that are 3d printed and made from a sort of flexible plastic.

How Long Should My Dentures Last?

Your artificial teeth could last many years, But due to the bone resorption, it’s suggested to visit your local denture clinic for a reline every 2 years, and every 4 – 5 years for a new one.

What Should I Expect With New Dentures?

Like breaking in a new pair of shoes your new teeth will take some getting used to. It is very common for patients to visit for adjustments until they are happy with their fit. This all depends on the patients’ pain tolerance and how comfortable they are eating with their new teeth. Obviously, if someone had their natural teeth extracted and had immediate dentures inserted this would take a little longer to heal.

Will My Dentures Need Adjusting?

Yes, when you get your new teeth you will get ‘adjustments‘ to ease the process of ‘adjusting‘ to the new appliance. This would include relieving pressure on some sore spots that may occur. You may be back for a few adjustments while healing, but this is all included in the denture care we provide.

What Are Denture Implants?

The more permanent solution to prosthetic teeth are implant-supported dentures. Medically inserted by a dental surgeon or dentist. Attachments are then fabricated into the tissue side of the acrylic and the attachments in your mouth and in the appliance line up and click into place. Some are screws (that should only be removed by your denturist or dentist) and some are clip-in all on 4s. ask us about dental implants or read our blog on the subject if interested.

I Need Dentures Where Do I Start?

Most denture clinics offer a free consultation, Book an appointment and from there we will figure out what your treatment plan is. Check out our blog on what to expect on your first visit.

How Much Pain Is Involved?

Getting a new set should be as pain-free as getting an impression, however, if you have any tooth decay with your remaining teeth or other problems with your mouth then extractions are recommended. Additionally, like new shoes, when “breaking in” your new replacement teeth there may be some discomfort or pressure which is normal, if the discomfort is too much please come in and we will adjust them.

Insertion On The Same Day As Tooth Removal?

Yes, these are what’s known as immediate dentures, and they are used as a cushion to help your mouth heal the correct way. If they are not inserted on the same day you may have bone loss making your mouth less compatible with dentures.

Should You Keep Dentures In Water Overnight?

Yes. This will keep your dentures clean, and also give your mouth room to breathe and recover from some of the pressure your gums may experience throughout the day. Soaking them in denture cleanser overnight will also aid in giving your teeth the longevity they are designed for.

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