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How To Clean Dentures

How To Clean Dentures

Denture wearers know that cleaning your dentures daily keeps calcium, calculus, tea tartar and bacteria away. keeping your dentures fresh is just as important as brushing our natural teeth, daily. it is important to keep your false teeth clean every day, not only for bad breath, but for your overall health. This post will help you get a better understanding of how to clean your dentures, and what kind of cleaning products we suggest. along with some home solutions that might help when there isn’t another option.

Removing your dentures

Obviously the first step to cleaning your dentures is removing them. Now, this may be obvious but it is important to keep these steps in the back of your mind while removing them. If you drop them or snap them you might be needing a denture repair or even a new set.

  1. Make sure you have some sort of cushioning in case you drop your dentures. either remove them over a sink filled with warm water, or over a soft place such as a pillow or couch. Remember: if you wouldn’t drop a coffee mug over certain surface, you probably shouldn’t remove your dentures over it either.
  2. Press your thumb on the back side of the teeth, then push in a outwards and upwards motion. Away from your nose.
  3. Removing lower dentures; pull slowly upwards in a rocking motion with your thumb on one side and your index finger on the other side.
  4. Removing partial dentures is the same as removing complete dentures. If you do not have front teeth on your partial then apply some downwards (or upwards) pressure where the denture meets the gum line.
  5. Only use your fingers when removing your dentures, DO NOT use any utensils or your fingernails.

Types of Denture Cleaner

From professional strength denture cleaner to home made solutions, This next chapter will give you a great understanding of complete denture care.

Store Bought

There are a couple different types of store bought solutions. From power, to denture cleanser tablets. These are some examples of commercial denture cleaners

Polident – usually comes in tablet form, Drop one tablet into warm water and let the tablet dissolve.

renew denture cleaner – drop one teaspoon of the powder solution into a cup of water, and let your dentures soak.

Denture Clinic

Denturists and dental clinics in general have access to some product not generally found in stores. We at Holt Dentures use NU-DENT which is a professional strength performance cleaner and it is very easy to use.

Homemade Denture cleaning solutions

We have heard all sorts of crazy ideas when cleaning your dentures naturally, From using tooth paste, (which is usually an abrasive substance and is not recommended) to putting them in a microwave for 3 minuets. We suggest the non abrasive route, because overtime your dentures can get scratched and end up collecting more bacteria leading to gum disease.

Vinegar solution is a natural and easy way to keep your dentures clean. The acid in vinegar removes some of the tartar that has built up over time. Use equal parts white vinegar and warm water and soak. Make sure to rinse thoroughly after to remove the bitter taste of the vinegar.

How to clean your dentures

It is important to always keep your dentures moist to keep them from drying out and losing their shape. Keeping your denture soaking in water or in a soaking solution overnight will keep your dentures in top form. Whether you are using denture cleaner or denture cleaning tablets you must follow the correct steps.

  1. Rinse your dentures in warm water and with a soft bristled brush remove any of the build up caused by denture adhesive. do not use tooth paste.
  2. As talked about the types of denture cleaner section of this post. Use any of the denture cleaners you prefer. This may take a little shopping around, but ask your dental professional for a free sample. Put product in some warm water and leave for 20 minutes, for more stubborn stains leave overnight and give the denture cleaner enough time to remove stains.
  3. After removing your dentures from the solution; with a soft bristled toothbrush and water. Rise and brush away any of the remaining product.

its really that easy. Follow these instructions and you should have them in the best condition if you have any problem with removing your dentures or with stains do not hesitate to get in touch.