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How We Get To Your Sought-After Smile

How We Get To Your Sought-After Smile

Consultation & Preparation

Free Consultation

The Free Consultation is the first appointment and also where we figure out your needs to mark up a treatment plan. This way we can figure out the best course of action and what type of denture will be needed.

Insurance & Prelim Impressions

After the free consultation with our denturist. We check your insurance coverage, and you can decide if you want to go ahead with your treatment plan. After your decision is made we take the preliminary impressions.

Bite & Shade Selection

This is the appointment where the selection of your tooth shade and the placement of your teeth is determined. Bring in a picture of yourself with your original teeth for reference, or go for the Hollywood look. Whatever the aesthetic you like.


A wax try in we insert a wax version of your denture before it is processed. At this point we are able to change anything with the shade of your teeth or the bite. After you are happy with this we then process the denture.

Delivery & Aftercare


Your dentures are fitted and you can enjoy your new life with dentures.


Aftercare is one of the most integral part of having a successful life with dentures. Aftercare is so we can rid of any sore spots and adjust to your liking.

Never hesitate to book an appointment for a adjustment we will gladly accommodate your needs.

Additional Care Tips For Your Teeth

Keeping Your Dentures Clean

  • Toothpaste is not recommended for cleaning your dentures
  • Instead: Soak in cold water and use denture cleanser
  • Toothpaste is abrasive and can make the acrylic porous

Using Denture Adhesive

  • Using Denture Adhesive is a great way to keep your dentures snug; BUT
  • Do not use too much, put a little on each corner of your denture

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  1. Huge huge kudos to the whole team for taking care of my dental needs.
    David, Tommy and Samar were all incredible. Kind, helpful, knowledgable made my visits with them pleasant and without any problems. Thanks for all you did to make my experience with your team enjoyable. I highly recommend Holt Dentures.

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