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Implant Dentures – Everything You Need To Know

Implant Dentures – Everything You Need To Know

One of the biggest questions we hear from patients who are receiving new dentures is: How will they fair to their natural teeth. While your original teeth will always have the advantage over conventional dentures, denture implants are the crème de la crème of the denture world. sturdiness, strength, and the overall success rate of adjusting to new dentures. There is nothing quite like implant-supported dentures.

Start Your Journey.

We would recommend booking a free consultation with your denture clinic. We at Holt Dentures have a plethora of different dental clinic partners for the surgical side of your journey. Come visit us first and we can point you in the right direction for a dentist that works best for you.

How They Work

Implant retained dentures are kept in place in-way-of mini implants that are inserted inside your jaw bone. Sometimes when you have a lot of bone loss you may notice your dentures slip and slide around your mouth. These implants inserted into the bone will keep your dentures in place for maximum retention. Allowing you to eat with more confidence and also improve your speech.

Different Kinds Of Dental Implants

The implants themselves are generally made out of medical-grade titanium and inserted into the bone. Then attachments are fabricated into the complete denture that is then matched up with the implants in the gum. How many implants you would need is something we would look into during your consultation.

Snap In or over denture.

Snap-in dentures have at least two but oftentimes four implants. so when you insert the appliance It snaps into place and prevents it from moving around while talking or eating. This is a great choice because removing them is something you are able to achieve yourself…

Screw In or semi permanent.

…Whereas the screw in type has a special kind of screw but this is strongly recommended to remove by your dentist or denturist. Although they are stronger and have more retention than snap-in. These are a more permanent option.

The All-On-4 system is where there are two implants inserted at the front and two at the back.

All-On-4 System

The Surgical Side

Your existing teeth may need to be removed by your dentists. Firstly numbing your mouth via local anesthesia. During tooth removal, the dentist is very careful to preserve all the existing bone under your tooth. If tooth loss has occurred it is common for the bone in your jaw bone to recede, therefore a bone graft material is used to grow your bone back to a healthy level. The bone is then opened up to fit the implant.

Healing Process

Depending on your treatment plan the implant could be placed right after extractions or your doctor may suggest a healing period of 3-4 weeks before the implants are placed. Pain medication can be prescribed to you through your doctor to assist with the pain you may experience during the healing process. Taking proper care of your oral health and listening to the advice of your doctor is imperative to the success of your dental care.

Need more information?

Here are some things to consider about dental implants.

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  2. When it comes to dentures, a denturist in Calgary will tell you that implant-supported dentures near you are the best option. Implant-supported dentures are secure and permanent. Visit a denture clinic in Calgary today to learn more!

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