Denture News

Blog #1 (information Coffee Mornings)

Our Information Coffee Mornings are about having a conversation with our Seniors Citizens, about the importance of Dentures, and how easy they can be with the services we offer. We come to a retirement home with coffee and snacks in hand, serve coffee, and put on a PowerPoint presentation presented by one of our Denturists. […]


New Denturist

We have a new Lady Denturist Starting with us! And we are excited to start working together. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to Book an appointment for all your Denture needs, We look forward to hearing from you.    


Holt Denture Reveals New Sign

Holt Denture is pleased to reveal its brand new sign that is located above 5809 Macleod Trail South West. If you are traveling down Macleod, keep your eyes pealed for the new sign and come say hello. Here are a couple of pictures of the sign taken during and after its construction.  


NEW Free Denture Hygiene Program

At the Holt Denture Clinic, we are committed to the long-term health of our patients. When we became aware of the Japanese study, we tried to figure out a way to incorporate a denture hygiene program into our practice; however no insurance companies we are aware of cover prophylactic hygiene and few patients seem to be willing to pay for the service. We then realized that there was an exposure opportunity. Instead of spending money on conventional advertising, we would divert the funds allocated to print and internet advertising and spend that money on a free denture hygiene program!

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