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Common Problems With Dentures and How To Fix Them

Common Problems With Dentures and How To Fix Them

Here’s the thing: Dentures will never be as perfect as your original teeth. However, with a little perseverance and trust in your denturist, you can get close enough to get your smile back. Aesthetically, dentures can be anywhere between the ‘Hollywood’ look to the more traditional-natural-look of your original teeth. But granted, just like new shoes, there is an adjustment period you will encounter before getting your desired fit and comfort.

Here are a couple of suggestions to help you along the way:

Discomfort – Easing The Dentures

If you are encountering any discomfort with your denture in the early stages, never hesitate to come in and get the ‘problem spot’ adjusted. Patients are all different, and some will experience discomfort and some won’t. But there are patients that are in need of some aftercare to help with discomfort. This is why it is important to find a denture clinic that provides these aftercare appointments.

Bone Resorption – Soft Liners

When you have a resorbed alveolar bone (the bone your lower teeth attach to), having a lower denture could be troublesome. According to Wikipedia, bone resorption is caused by osteoclast breaking down tissue in bones. A soft liner can provide an extra cushion for your lower denture to adhere to your mouth and add retention to your flabby ridges.

Tongue Can Expand – Wear Your Dentures

Your tongue is just like any muscle in your body. If you don’t work it out, it will turn to mush. If you have not had teeth for a while, your tongue has an excuse to expand throughout your mouth and becoming… for lack of a better term… ‘fat’. Getting teeth again will help exercise your tongue to become the size it was when you had teeth. It will, no doubt, take a little time for it to get to its proper form, but in time you will be able to speak again without sounding like you have, well, an expanded tongue.

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