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3D Printed Partial Denture

3D Printed Partial Denture

3D Printed Partial Dentures

The new age of Denistry is here. Dental labs have been making the transition to digital for over 20 years, with denistry being one of the most expensive industry, 3D printed dentures and other appliences are making the production side much more streamlined. Giving the strength and flexiblilty these cast partials our lab offers a precision fit for all of your needs. 


Why 3D Printed Dentures

  • Precision – Due to the digial aspect of this device the precision of the fit is unmatched.
  • Strength – The fibers used to print the appliance makes your partical flexiable, and doesnt lose its shape through all the chewing and bending you may put it through.
  • Cost Effective – Becasue this process is mostly computerized it therefore lowers the cost of materials, labour and lab fees. We still have a hands-on approch with adjustments and other needs while your adjust.

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