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Flexible Dentures

Flexible Dentures

Why Flexible Dentures?

Flexible Dentures also know as Valplast dentures are a great alternative to traditional partial dentures. Made from a thin lightweight flexible nylon, Valplast dentures fit snug without the help of invasive metal clasps. Fabricated to match your gum colour and your natural teeth, flexible partial dentures are a great alternative choice for a more durable and natural tooth replacement.

Valplast dentures are for people who are looking for a more durable denture that is practically unbreakable. The pros of choosing this appliance for your oral health are as follows:

Light Weight: Made from a nylon resin that clips to your existing teeth. Because of its inherent light weight nature it is a much easier transition for replacement teeth.

Ultra- durable: With the ultra-durable Valplast partial all your worries of your denture snapping are gone, with normal everyday wear and tare they are guaranteed not to break over this appliances lifetime. Able to bend and stretch yet still take its original form.

Aesthetics: as other removable partial dentures tend to be opaque, Valpast have a translucent property to them. While still not completely see-through and still matching your original gum colour, the colour matching for this type of partial is much more dynamic.

Can Valplast be applied to full dentures?

In most situations Valplast is only for partial dentures. Full dentures and dental implants need some degree of rigidity in order to again some retention in the mouth and the flexibility of Valplast may not be suitable for the application of a full denture.

For more information about Valplast Paritals Please visit their websites FAQ

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  1. Flexible Partial Dentures are designed to replace one or more missing teeth that are in proximity to each other. These work similarly to a full denture in that they are designed to properly fit your individual mouth and are removable. Unlike traditional dentures that are made with a rigid acrylic based material and cast metal clasps. Flexible partial dentures are made with more flexible materials such as nylon resin that better mimic the natural tissues of your mouth.

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