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Denture Relines

Denture Relines

Denture Relines

If your denture is not fitting right anymore, it might be time for a reline. it is the best way to have your dentures fitting like new without having a to get a whole new fitting. We can usually do this the same day, and as you wait. We offer both hard and soft relines, and will both have your denture fitting snug again.


Reline procedure

After a period of time your dentures will become ill fitting due to wear and tear, and also your soft tissue reducing. Having a reline will correct the fit in your mouth and bring your bite back to life.

A denture reline starts with an impression of your mouth using the denture itself. Putty or impression material is then used to register spaces in the fitting. A model of the tissue side of your denture is fabricated, then the technician removes some of the plastic and add new acrylic to the denture. Then the denture is fitted back on the model and the acrylic is cured.

The soft tissue in your mouth is always changing, so it is recommended to get a reline every two years.

How long do relines take?

We generally offer same day relines, but can be done within an hour or it is kept over night for collection first thing in the morning.