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Same Day Denture Repairs

Same Day Denture Repairs

Denture Repairs | Holt Denture ClinicDenture Repairs In Calgary

So, your denture is broken? we have the capacity to fix your denture the same day of  the appointment, typically within one hour. We also offer some extra strength mesh inlays that sit inside the acrylic of your denture to provide extra durability in your problem spot.

Emergency Denture Repairs

Complete dentures, partial dentures, or the teeth of your denture, We have a fixing solution for any of your breaks. Holt Denture Clinic offers denture repairs in an hour, and we can facilitate you outside of our business hours. We understand how important your teeth are, and if they are ill-fitting then denture relines may be in order. book your denture repair as soon as they break and have them fit comfortably again.

Reason Why Your Denture Broke

Wear and tear: After years of constant use, your dentures could be wearing down. This is due to age, acidic foods, and maybe even hot beverages.

Improperly repaired denture: self-repairing your broken denture may cause serious problems for your denture. Not only do we have all the tools and know the necessary steps to have your dentures back up to their former glory, but a home repair can also make your denture break again, and again if not repaired properly, leave it to a professional.

Poorly Fitting Denture: If your denture is not fitting well anymore a denture reline may be in order. A poorly fitting denture is one of the main causes of denture breaks/fractures.

Breaking Off Or Chipping A Tooth.

If a tooth has chipped on your denture we can either replace the tooth or even build up the chip with composite. This is more common with Valplast dentures (flexible dentures), Because the partial itself is nearly unbreakable, The tooth is more likely to break than the tissue side of the denture.

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