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Signs Your Dentures Need A Replacement.

Signs Your Dentures Need A Replacement.

Working in this industry we always hear stories about people having dentures for 50+ years and having no issues. Or other people that are deterred by getting a new set in case they don’t compare to their old one. Well, in this new addition to our blog we explore why the latter is true, and when it is time to invest in a new set of dentures.


Over time the acrylic used to fabricate your prosthetic will fade due to a number of reasons. What some don’t realize is that using toothpaste could be a factor in this discolourization. Toothpaste is abrasive and isn’t recommended as a means to clean your denture… Use a soaking solution overnight or a denture cleanser.

Another reason you’re experiencing a change in colour is with age, just like natural teeth the acrylic used to fabricate your appliance will get stained by the liquids and foods you consume. There are a few ways to prevent this from happening but in the long run, it is far more beneficial to your health to replace your appliance.

Constant Denture Repairs:

Nothing could be more frustrating to wearers than a breakage. Our repair service offers denture repairs while you wait, so you are able to get a quick and easy fix, and be on your way. (due to covid this has been changed to one-hour denture repairs since we currently have to stagger appointments to accommodate social distancing) but when we find more constant repairs are happening with patients, it’s clear that the appliance no longer serves as a means of replacement teeth.

Your mouth is always changing and with that so is the positioning of the bite. Over time it will feel as if your appliance wasn’t made especially for you, thus making your prosthetic unaligned with your natural bite, this will inevitably apply pressure in certain areas that are more prone to breakages.


There comes a time that relining dentures might not be a viable option, after all, a reline is adding acrylic to the surface of the appliance making the gum side “thicker”. Don’t get me wrong relines do make a massive difference, but ill-fitting dentures are a sign of age, and a replacement is most likely the best option.

You may also experience sore spots with an ill-fitting denture, which can rub against the gums causing inflammation and in turn making it difficult to eat or even speak.

plaque build-up:

Also, from age, you will notice the build-up of stubborn plaque that may not be able to be cleaned with a denture cleaner. This will create a breeding ground for bacteria which could lead to gum disease and other health issues.

With conventional dentures, it’s not recommended to use toothpaste since it is abrasive for the acrylic which will lead to negative effects. Booking an appointment for a polish at our clinic is an option as well, but it’s usually only a temporary solution.


Different types of dentures react differently with age. Complete Dentures – over time, tend to become more porous which will give retention for bacteria to grow and for plaque to build up. Partial Dentures – will age in a different way, with maximum longevity of around 15 years. Since Your mouth is changing all the time, this will result in having a less desired fit you once had.

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