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Tips For Eating With New Dentures

Tips For Eating With New Dentures

Getting use of your new teeth is sort of like breaking in new shoes. If accompanied by the removal of original teeth this process will take much more of a toll on you. These are a few tips to help with you get used to eating with new dentures, and we highly recommend you read this. We are not saying to dive right into eating a steak meal or even ribs, but this will help you get a better understanding of how you can eat your dentures for the first time.

Start Slow

Now you are a denture wearer it is imperative you ask your denture clinic experts how to eat with dentures

  • Take it easy with your food. Start slowly and, for now, avoid all foods that require excessive chewing. Eating foods such as Nuts, Steak, carrots or crackers may cause unnecessary stress on your gums.
  • Having full upper dentures you will notice a significant reduction in your ability to sense hot food. Soups or hot cereals are great food while adjusting to your dentures, but because your reduced sensitivity it is harder to gauge the temperature. Test the heat first with your tongue or lips. If your food is too hot it could loosen your dentures.
  • Eat evenly. If you have partial dentures it may seem easier to eat at the side of your mouth where your natural teeth reside. But the latter is true, eat slowly and evenly, a little pain at the start is ok, especially with new sores from a tooth removal. The same applies to complete dentures.

Transitioning to Your Usual Diet

Now you are getting used to eating with your dentures here are some suggestions for a mid-point for transitioning.

  • Cutting your meat into smaller chunks is a great way to test the boundaries while your mouth is still healing. This is so you can gauge how comfortable you feel with chewing more robust food.
  • Eat mashed or boiled foods such as mashed potatoes or rice, again make sure you are testing the heat of these foods before ingesting it.
  • Remember your conventional dentures may need adjusting or even a denture reline after the healing process is done, Go to your denture care center if you are feeling any discomfort.

Foods to Avoid

Peanut butter: is thick and sticky and can loosen your dentures and contaminate your denture adhesive.

Hard vegetables or fruits: Can Cause unnecessary stress on your dentures, Try blending them instead.

Popcorn: Bits of popcorn can get stuck under your denture causing problems either for the fit of your denture and also causing problems for your gums.

Once Fully Healed

It may be quite a process getting used to you dentures. With appointments at your denture clinic for adjustments or relines, but at the end of the day YOU are the only one who has the best understanding with what foods you are comfortable with eating. At the end of the day you have to enjoy life. These are just some tips we suggest to follow while getting used to your dentures. Please visit the experts in partial dentures or complete dentures if you do have any issues.

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