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Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Dentures In.

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Dentures In.

It is well known that people should take their dentures out at night, but have you ever wondered why? In this blog, we are going to go through the reasons for taking your denture out at night, where you should store your replacement teeth, and why it’s beneficial to take them out at night. And also the appropriate appliance and or time to leave them in. Sure you can leave them in, but it is preferred you take them out at night here’s why…

Why do we take our dentures out at night?

The main reason for removing your artificial teeth at night is so you can give your natural gums a chance to relax. Sleeping gives your whole body time to relax and refresh, this is the same idea for your gums. Leaving your conventional dentures in 24/7 can cause bone resorption, therefore, leading to ill-fitting dentures. Bone resorption can also lead to changes in your facial structure and you may have to look into different options for your prosthetic or find yourself getting denture relines more than you’d like.

Additionally, if they are not cleaned or soaked every night they can become a breeding ground for bacteria or fungi which will lead to gum disease or odors, and other infections.


It Is recommended you leave them in 24-48 hours (sometimes longer) after getting teeth removed, the denture will act as a bandage, therefore, keeping your bone from reducing further and allowing your gums to heal correctly

Where to store your teeth at night.

It is important to have a clean denture because, as previously mentioned they can become a breeding ground for bacteria leading to poor oral health. We suggest taking them out and leaving them in water overnight (warm, not hot water) this can help keep your complete denture moist and soften any residue caused by usage throughout the day, which also aids in your denture cleaner’s efficiency.

The same goes with partial dentures, Not properly storing them can lead to further tooth decay of your remaining teeth.

When to leave them in.

After getting your extractions and being provided with an immediate denture, it is advised to leave them in as much as possible while your mouth is healing. The reason for this is to keep everything in place while healing, while also preventing further swelling and bone resorption, see if the bone has nothing adhering to it, then it will wind up disappearing, causing more issues further down the line.

Denture implants you can sleep with because they are held in with dental implants meaning you are less likely to have to worry about your retention. But as mentioned you must be diligent about cleaning them daily. Yes, they are a more permanent solution but are not impervious to bacteria growth.

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