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Implants Dentures

Implants Dentures

Implant Denture Solutions 

Are you are sick of having dentures that slip and slide, having to get relines constantly and over using denture adhesive?  or if you are new to dentures and want an easier transition from your natural teeth? Well implant supported dentures are the best choice for you. They have a larger biting a chewing capability while still acting like your natural teeth.

What are Implant Dentures?

Conventional dentures can require denture glue while also getting relines every couples years. But your jaw bone may have reduced to the point where your dentures might be slipping and sliding, even with glue. Dentures supported with implants are closer to your natural teeth and are more of a long term solution. your treatment options can vary, and not everyone is a good candidate for implant dentures. The implants are surgically inserted into your lower and/or upper jaw bone. and then the implant abutments (or attachments) are inserted into your implants, full denture has corresponding attachments that place snap in place, you are still able to remove your denture for easy cleaning while still having the biting and comfort of your natural teeth.

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