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At the Holt Denture Clinic, we provide the highest quality products with advanced techniques to ensure best possible fit.

If you need a Dentist, we work with many dentists and can connect you with the right one for you.

Giving You the Confidence to Smile Again

At Holt Dentures, it is our promise to give you the best service possible. We don’t only make your dentures; we welcome you into our family. Your comfort is our main priority, so we include aftercare into our prices. We are an affordable denture clinic that offers a free consultations and can direct bill to any insurance. Searching for the right denture clinic can be painstaking, but with over 40 years experience fabricating dentures, a 5 star google review, and an amazing team of technicians and denturists, we can assure the best denture care Calgary has to offer.

  • 3D Printed Partial Denture

    3D Printed Partial Denture

    3D Printed Partial Dentures The new age of Denistry is here. Dental labs have been making the transition to digital for over 20 years, with denistry being one of the most expensive industry, 3D printed dentures and other appliences are…

  • Flexible Dentures

    Flexible Dentures

    Why Flexible Dentures? Flexible Dentures also know as Valplast dentures are a great alternative to traditional partial dentures. Made from a thin lightweight flexible nylon, Valplast dentures fit snug without the help of invasive metal clasps. Fabricated to match your…

  • Complete Dentures

    Complete Dentures

    Your New Dentures Your complete dentures start with a free consultation at your local denture clinic. This includes a preliminary exam where you decide which treatment best fits you, and your lifestyle. From this complimentary consultation we are able to…

  • Partial Dentures

    Partial Dentures

    Partial Dentures If you are missing a teeth throughout your mouth but still have some natural teeth, partial dentures are the how we fill in those gaps. Held in your mouth with clasps that attach to your natural teeth, they…

  • Implants Dentures

    Implants Dentures

    What are Implant Dentures? Conventional dentures can require denture glue while also getting relines every couples years. But your jaw bone may have reduced to the point where your dentures might be slipping and sliding, even with glue. Dentures supported…

  • Flippers


    What is a Flipper? Flipper dentures, also known as acrylic removable partial dentures, are a type of temporary denture that can be used to fill gaps in your smile. They look a lot like a retainer with teeth attached. This…

  • Soft Liner Dentures

    Soft Liner Dentures

    Soft Liners Soft liners are fitted to your dentures to help with fitting and ease some pain. Generally used for people with extreme bone resorption. Bone resorption generally occurs when your when your bone tissue is broken down, from years…

  • Denture Relines

    Denture Relines

      Denture relines are a common and important part of maintaining the comfort and fit of your dentures. If you have dentures, it’s important to understand what denture relines are, why they’re necessary, and how they can improve the overall…

  • Same Day Denture Repairs

    Same Day Denture Repairs

    Denture Repairs In Calgary So, your denture is broken? we have the capacity to fix your denture the same day of  the appointment, typically within one hour. We also offer some extra strength mesh inlays that sit inside the acrylic…

  • Mouth Guards

    Mouth Guards

    Custom Mouth Guards If you are looking for some protection while playing sports we have custom fitting mouth guards. We make an impression of your mouth and form your mouth guard around a plaster mold, it fits snug so you…

  • Night Guards

    Night Guards

    If you are grinding your teeth in your sleep, night guards form a cushion for your teeth to glide across as you sleep. Custom fit into a mold of your mouth our night guards, when applicated, will stay in place…