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Dentures At 40

Dentures At 40

Dentures have a negative consignation of being only for our elderly. But this isn’t the case anymore, believe it or not, there are people younger than 40 with dentures, and celebrities like Ben Affleck had dentures at an early age before getting a full mouth of veneers. 40 is the new 20 and having no teeth can age you 20 years in looks and health.

Aging Facial Features

The teeth are a huge determining factor in people’s first impressions of someone. Having gaps in your teeth or even no teeth can put quite a few years on your looks:

A Before And After From White Pine Dental

Same person, same age with a new smile.

Medical Checks To Have In Your 40s

When turning 40 there are some critical health checks to go through as your body grows older. This article outlines the importance of health checkups when in your 40s. Your teeth also have an effect on your overall health. However, it is essential for your looks to be on par with age, replacement teeth aid with digestion, and metabolizing the proper nutrients which aid in your overall health and age.

Graph showing with and without dentures.

With Dentures Without Dentures
Aesthetically Pleasing Lack Of Confidence While Smiling
Adequate Digesting of FoodImproper Digestion of Foods
Prevent Bone Resorption Loss of Bone in Your Mouth
Adequate Absorption of Nutrients Fewer Nutrients are absorbed.
Natural Facial Shape Unnatural Facial Shape
You’re still young. Feel it

Getting your life back

A huge reason why we are in this business is the feedback we get when we Insert a denture and see the moment when the patient life is changed. It is a great feeling to know how much impact a new smile can give on somebody when our denturist inserts the device.

Getting a new smile can change your life quite considerably not in just looks but also in the newly found confidence you will now have. 40 years young.

Thinking of getting new dentures but are unsure of the steps to take? Check out this infographic.