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Holt Denture Coffee Morning – Calgary Dream Center

Holt Denture Coffee Morning – Calgary Dream Center

The Calgary Dream Center is a facility which offers recovery programs for people struggling with substance abuse. They help transform men and woman caught in a cycle of poverty and addiction into lives with purpose. We were able to put on a Holt Denture Coffee Morning for these strong individuals and teach them about our services and how we can help them.

Calgary Dream Center

Holt Denture Coffee Mornings is a way to give back to our community. We arrived at the Calgary Dream Center and we were in admiration of the size of the building. For instance, usually when we do coffee mornings, we use the lunchroom of a facility; however, the Dream Center had a classroom filled with nineteen people (or so) in their treatment program. We offered coffee and donuts for everyone in attendance and they were appreciative of that, because who doesn’t like some Tim Horton’s in the morning? And it wouldn’t be a ‘Coffee morning’ without coffee and it wouldn’t be Holt Dentures if we weren’t giving back.

A lot of the attendees still had all their original teeth. We told them about the importance of having a partial denture. and how they can help with the digestion of food. We also informed them about the insurances we offer to make payments easy and, in some cases, wouldn’t be any cost to the patient. We were excited by the feedback we were getting from people who weren’t in need of any dentures.


At the start of every Holt Denture coffee morning, we get everyone in attendance to write their name down on a slip of paper. After the presentation, we draw out three names and give away a prize. This time we gave away three Tim Hortons gift cards: two five-dollar ones and a ten-dollar. As we were drawing each prize, everyone did a drum roll on their tables. Upon drawing the ten-dollar prize, the winner had written their name and underneath their name wrote: “will win”, so it made me wonder if the Dream Center promotes positive thinking, which can help with one’s future, and if you put in a little work and have a dream, anything is possible… maybe that’s why it’s called the Dream Center.

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