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Holt Dentures Coffee Morning – Revera Living Mackenzie Towne.

Holt Dentures asked to attend the Wellness day at Revera Living Mackenzie Towne. Thanks to Diane Haskins, we were able to catch up with some of our current Holt Denture family members and also able to meet new people having troubles with their dentures. We arrived there around 9am and had some free goody bags, complete with Denture Brushes, Boxes and some reading material for some residents to take with them. I was amazed that some of the residents – upwards of 90 years old – still had all their original teeth. It just goes to show if you look after your teeth and your health you’ll be able to maintain your teeth throughout your life.

     I really like going to Senior Living homes, It’s meeting and greeting with people that helped build a path to where we are at a city/country now. I hate to sound cliché but, Seniors are the backbone of this country and that’s one of the reasons we enjoy working with them so much. Listening to stories and laughing with my shared ‘dry humour’

   It was also really nice meeting everyone else that is passionate about the health and wellness of our seniors and Calgary citizens in general. Other great Businesses within our city that have been around for years.

    We have a lot of cool things going on at Holt Dentures at the moment. Which gives us a reason to Blog. And we have our 10th year anniversary coming up, its hard to believe we have been serving Calgary for almost 10 years.  All the peoples lives that we have affected in some way or another. It makes us proud to be a part of this community and we are looking forward to serving more Calgarians in the future.

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-Rob (A Holt Denture Family member)

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