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How Dentures Change The Shape Of Your Face.

How Dentures Change The Shape Of Your Face.

It is accurate that dentures can change the shape of your face, but generally, it is for the better. Your facial structure can change with tooth loss, causing bone resorption and in turn shifting the jaw’s natural placement. Poorly fitted dentures can also affect your facial shape which is why denture relines are essential

Types Of Jaw Positioning

The classification of your bite, or occlusion, is how your jaw functions in relation to how your teeth come together.

Class I:

This is where the upper and lower jaw interaction is balanced.

Class II:

This bite occurs when the lower arch sits more posteriorly than the upper arch.

Class III:

When the lower jaw extends over the upper teeth.

Heath Without Dentures

Atrophy – is a condition in which a decrease in size or wasting away of tissues and bone within the body, Dentures can help to prevent this by adjusting your face to the correct proportions. Not using a certain muscle makes the tissue weak and shrinks, like having a cast on the arm, muscles will shrink when not in use.

Face Collapse – a condition that happens when atrophy takes place in the jaw from lack of use. This condition makes your face ‘droop’ and sag in your face.

Your Bite – will be displaced and bone loss (bone resorption) might occur in your jaw bones to help the dentures stay in place.

How Dentures Help

Properly fitted dentures positions the mouth and face into the natural occlusion. Preventing facial collapse which tends to happen with missing teeth. Dentures have to ability to brighten up facial features and aid with restoring your natural look and the shape of your mouth. However, ill-fitting dentures can do just the opposite and cause problems. Denture relines are a great thing to be on top of.