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Reopening Covid-19 Protocol

Reopening Covid-19 Protocol

We are now reopening after the COVID-19 lockdown. While we might be looking forward to seeing all your faces again, returning to work has denture clinics, and health care workers alike following new procedures. These are in place for our health, and for the health of the general public. However, the core family values at Holt Dentures has not and will never change, The day procedures we follow have. Keep reading and stay informed before making an appointment for yourself or a family member

The New Procedures

We are following the direction of our colleges (The College of Alberta Denturist and The College of Dental Technologist of Alberta) Of course we have always followed the code for disease control and prevention for public health, but here are some of the extra steps we are taking during the pandemic:

  • Wear surgical masks at all times, and in all areas of the clinic.
  • Wear a face shield while in the op with patients. Which has translated to wearing it at all times. The face shield is disinfected after each patient.
  • All pens, clip boars and other items/surfaces one patient has come into contact with are to be disinfected after each use, ready for the next patient.
  • When taking a break the mask is disposed of and hand hygiene is to be performed. We are to maintain social distancing while applying a new mask before returning back to work.

We have always followed the correct procedures as health care workers. If you would like more information about infection prevention and control (IPC) visit the Alberta Health Website.

What We Suggest For You.

If you are coming in for your free consultation for a new set or have a broken denture and need a repair, here are some of the steps we suggest you follow for the health of yourself and others.

  • We have hand sanitizer stations throughout the clinic. Please sanitize your hands when entering the clinic.
  • There are new forms to be filled out every visit.
  • We have an in-ear thermometer to take the temperature of each patient.
  • Please maintain social distancing with other patients you are sharing the clinic with.
  • If you are feeling under the weather or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 we ask you please stay at home and get well. We will be here for you when you are feeling better.

There isn’t a more sanitized place than a health care clinic

While some of these procedures are new to you, we are doing our best to make it seamless for each patient to get their optimal denture care.

While things have changed through the pandemic, Giving our patients the denture solutions they deserve is still our numero uno priority. We are here for you, and to keep you healthy.

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