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Soft Reline – The Immediate Dentures Cushion

Soft Reline – The Immediate Dentures Cushion

When having your teeth removed to facilitate new artificial teeth… During the healing process, a phenomenon known as bone resorption occurs. During this time your ‘immediate dentures’ can feel loose. A lot of changes happen within the first six months of your surgery. This means that immediately fitting dentures after tooth removal can feel uncomfortable on your soft tissue, and may also feel loose. A soft liner is paramount to the success of your adjustment to a new life with dentures.

Soft Relines.

A soft reline is a spongy layer between the surfaces of the denture and your soft tissue. Usually odorless, tasteless, and tear-resistant. Typically soft denture relines can provide you with better function, bite, and aesthetics. They are usually applied on a temporary basis while healing from tooth removal… But there are usually three situations soft liners are necessary for dentures wearers.

  • Use with immediate dentures after tooth extraction. which can be up to a period of six months while healing is taking place.
  • acting as a pressure bandage after surgical bone removal
  • after dental implant placement, the material is placed where the attachments are to prevent direct contact with the surface of the denture.

30 days is the maximum length of usage for any of these cases. After that the material can become hard and may cause tissue damage.

How They’re Applied

Soft denture relines come in a liquid and powder form. Which are then mixed together until the consistency of condensed milk. The solution is then poured into the denture base (which has to be dry and clean) and inserted back into the mouth. The patient is asked to gently form a normal biting position for around two minutes. This allows the mixture to form around the contours of the tissue. After two minutes your denturist can ask you to lightly bite down onto cotton rolls to aid with your comfort. After another two minutes, you might be asked to move your mouth in various directions. To aid the material to contour to your mouth’s natural talking positions. The material usually sets around 6-7 minutes, then it’s taken out of the mouth and the excess material is removed.

The term ‘Getting Long In The Tooth’ (getting older) comes from a sign of aging. Bone resorption in the mouth (due to aging) causes your teeth to appear longer.

Cleaning Soft Relines

When not using the denture, store in water, try to avoid hot water. Do not use conventional denture cleaner. Using your regular denture care protocol can cause:

  • Rapid deterioration
  • Malodour
  • Discolouration
  • Hardening of material

Rinsing and storing your appliance in water is the best practice after being treated with a soft liner. To keep your oral health intact, and to prevent any of the points mentioned above.

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