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An end of an era, but we are happy to announce: WE HAVE MOVED! Our old location was where we met you all and grew with you as our patients. We truly appreciate everyone who chose us for their denture needs, But our new location is 10x better.

Our New Location

Located in Canyon Meadows our new clinic is a ground-level walk-right-in location. On the corner of Elbow & Anderson. #123 – 11625 Elbow Drive. There is tons of parking and lots of other amenities. Rexal, Dollarama & Austins pub – to name a few. We are ecstatic about this new location and we hope to see all your lovely smiles soon.

Why The Move?

It was time for a change, since the pandemic the 58th location management was failing to meet all of the tenant’s needs, and being on the upper floor it was hard for some of our patients to access. With our new location, there is no code to get into the building, there is no need for an elevator, park up, and walk right into our clinic.

The improvements we’ve made for you.

  • Increased Accessibility

Being on the ground level it makes it much easier for our patients with mobility challenges to access our clinic. You will no longer need to navigate stairs or elevators ensuring a more convenient and hassle-free experience.

  • No need for a code to access us.

Our old building required a code to get into the building which changed from time to time. Now there is a streamlined process for entering our clinic, Just open the door and walk right in

  • Increased Safety.

Being on the ground level the safety in case of emergency has increased. Such as medical emergencies, or in case of an evacuation. This makes procedures much easier for emergency services and in case of an evacuation. Alongside this, the issue of homeless encampments at the old place can call for safety concerns with our patients, however, at our new clinic there are no homeless encampments and the safety of all of our patients has increased 10 fold. Come see for yourself.

  • Ample Parking

Free parking everywhere. Always spaces to park right in the front.

Book An Appointment Now!

#123 – 11625 Elbow Drive SW Calgary, AB. T2W 1GB

Call: 587-352-6846

Toll-Free: 1-866-745-1979

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    • Hello sorry for the late reply, The 37 bus from heritage station stops right near our clinic. Hope this helps!

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