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Denturist Answers r/dentures Questions

Denturist Answers r/dentures Questions

Here’s part two of Denturist Answers Reddit r/dentures Questions. Take a read of part one if you missed it. This is a new series of blogs designed to answer all the questions you may have not thought of. Or if you’ve already started your new life with dentures and want some reassurance from real people with real questions. Without further to do, here are some questions we have taken from Reddit’s r/dentures.

How To Remove Stuck Upper Denture?

If you have dental implants and you aren’t able to remove them yourself, We suggest booking an appointment at your local denture clinic. Some implants have screws that are only loosened with a special tool. however, if you have conventional dentures the best thing we can suggest is; using your index finger and thumb to lightly pinch each side of the “gum” exterior of your appliance, lightly pulling down while rocking side to side until it’s loosened enough to come out. Please do not overdo this, again if you are having difficulties please come and see us.

Your Thoughts On Reline Kit At Walmart?

We think it causes more problems than it fixes. We have come across plenty of patients that used this product along with denture repair kits and it generally translates to our lab doing more work to put it right. Please go and see a professional for this service. You’ll be happy you did.

Tips/Processes For Applying Powder Adhesive?

Our suggestion is to get a piece of paper and fold It in half. Then open up the paper again and lay your appliance in the crease. Then make sure you dry the surface of your prothetic proficiently (presumably since being soaked in denture cleanser overnight). Then moisten the surface with some water. Then apply the powder to your appliance (over the paper) generously. From there rotate your appliance until the powder has coated the entire surface, all the way up the ridges through to the back. Then clear excess on the sheet of paper until there is a thin coating throughout the surface.

Remember how you folded the paper? Open the bottle up and pour what’s left back into the container, not wasting any powder.

Can Dentures Be Fitted Over Natural Teeth?

This is what Partial Dentures are designed for. We fabricate the prosthetic around your natural tooth that has a clasp to keep retention for your artificial teeth. For more information about partial dentures check out our services page.

What To Eat With Immediate Dentures?

We would not recommend jumping right into steak, but soup, fruit, smoothies, soft cheeses. Because it’s more than likely your mouth is still healing from extractions. Food that tends to take longer to chew could impede your healing process. Here’s an article on foods to eat and foods to avoid.

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