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Ways Dentures Improve Your Health and Life.

Ways Dentures Improve Your Health and Life.

Happy New Year! 2022 brings new challenges, new experiences, and a new set of teeth. And with this new year new you mentality what a better way to start out our first blog with some ways your dentures can improve your health.

Chewing And Digestion.

Chewing food properly is an integral part of digestion, but you might not know is that by chewing food properly your body is able to absorb more nutrients and energy. Chewing also aids in keeping you at a healthy body weight, also reduces bacteria that may linger in your intestines.

Digestion System

Chewing properly will also help with maintaining the health of your remaining teeth. (if you are a partial denture wearer) Your natural teeth will still be subjected to tooth decay If not well maintained – chewing properly helps break down food particles that can linger in your mouth, which could lead to tooth decay. Using your artificial teeth in conjunction with your original teeth will yield the best results for digestion. Chewing foods with missing teeth could cause more issues as the food isn’t being broken down to optimal sizes for intake.


It’s no lie that the first thing people notice about you is your smile, but a well-made, well-maintained set of dentures can also change your facial appearance – restoring your face to the true proportions that you had with natural teeth.

Appearance before and after dentures

Your mouth is forever changing, it is wise to take your appliance out while you sleep to give your mouth a chance to breathe. But every so often (every 2 years or so) you will need denture relines to keep your denture snugly in place. Relines also help keep your denture maintained for the longevity of use, while providing a solid chewing base.

Overall Health.

Gum disease can lead to some other health problems. Bacteria that is present in gum disease can increase the chance of bacterial infection in the bloodstream. This can also lead to heart issues along with a myriad of other health issues. With tooth decay, the removal of teeth from the infected gums could eventually lead to a prosthetic. But even with conventional dentures, it’s important to keep on top of your oral hygiene.

healthy lifestyle

To keep your dentures subjected to bacterial build-up, soak in a denture cleanser overnight. Taking your appliance out also gives your gums a chance to breathe, especially if you have complete dentures.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep up with your oral hygiene

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